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French listening exercises by level

Practise your French listening comprehension with our ever-growing collection of interactive French audio articles and listening challenges for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! If you're unsure about your current proficiency, try our test to get your French level before diving into the exercises.

French listening exercise 2 types

All listening exercises are made by our qualified native French teachers to help you improve your listening comprehension and confidence.

We have 2 types of French listening exercises:

  • interactive readers with French audio and text, English translation and suggested French lessons
  • dictation challenges with audio and writing practice

Boost your French listening comprehension by adding the lessons you find most interesting to your Notebook and practising them later.

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A1: Beginner French listening exercises

  • A Luxembourg dish
    Find out about one of the most traditional dishes in Luxembourg.
  • A day in Paris
    Sylvie spends the day in the French capital.
  • A declaration of love
    Alice declares her love to her wife Katie.
  • A family photo
    Isabelle and her friend are looking at a family photo.
  • A friendly invitation
    Isabelle and Noémie discuss their afternoon plans.
  • A ghost's life
    The ghost of the Palace of Versailles tells us about its life.
  • A little mermaid
    Lovely mermaid Lana tells us about her life!
  • A new roommate
    Gabrielle welcomes her new roommate Simon.
  • A snowy day
    Suzanne has a cosy routine for snowy days.
  • A ticket to Madrid!
    Justine is booking a return flight to Madrid.
  • A walk around Lille
    Benoît is having a nice walk around Lille's city centre.
  • A week of solidarity
    Sophie does something nice for her elderly neighbour every day of the week.
  • An afternoon at the park
    Nothing nicer than a sunny afternoon at the park!
  • Arts and crafts with my son
    Isabelle loves doing arts and crafts with her little boy!
  • At the bakery
    Mrs Poiret goes to Mr Dulac's bakery this morning.
  • At the hotel
    Peter and his girlfriend check in a French hotel.
  • At the market
    Mrs Lepic goes to the market to buy some fresh produce.
  • At the supermarket
    Lola and Paul are doing their grocery shopping at the supermarket.
  • At the train station
    Henri needs to buy some train tickets.
  • Bastien's first day back at school
    Bastien starts primary school today.
  • Black Lives Matter
    Loana explains why she supports the French Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Booking a hotel
    Adrien is booking a hotel room.
  • Cannes Film Festival
    Fabien talks about the famous French film festival.
  • Car ride
    Laurent tells Julie that he's stuck in traffic.
  • Christmas Day
    Simon has his own Christmas routine.
  • Christmas is near!
    Christmas is coming closer and Marina has a lot to do!
  • City or countryside?
    Stéphane and Amélie discuss their preferences between living in a city or in the countryside.
  • Crazy about dinosaurs!
    Bruno and Flora's boys are all about dinosaurs at the moment.
  • Cunégonde the witch
    Meet the meanest witch in town!
  • Decorating the Christmas tree
    Annabelle and her roommate Martin are putting up their Christmas decorations.
  • Describing myself
    Sophie describes herself to us.
  • Desserts
    Paul tells us about his most and least favourite desserts.
  • Do you know La Réunion island?
    Learn a few facts about this French Overseas Territory.
  • Do you like New Year's (celebrations)?
    Marie and Laura discuss their plans to celebrate New Year's Eve.
  • Do you like chocolate?
    Eloise and Amélie talks about chocolate.
  • Do you practise any sports?
    Thierry and Maya talk about the sports they practise.
  • Easter decorations
    Muriel and her daughter Lila are making Easter decorations.
  • Finals' routine
    Marina has her exam morning routine sorted.
  • Fixing the roof
    Magalie has decided to fix her roof herself.
  • Florence Foresti
    Élodie tells us about Lyon-born, famous stand-up Florence Foresti.
  • Gran's omelette
    Find out how Eloise's Gran makes her omelette.
  • Gérard's house
    Lucie interviews Gérard about his house.
  • Happy Mother's Day
    Caroline enjoys her first Mother's Day!
  • Hide-and-seek with Lucas
    Lucie plays hide-and-seek with her toddler Lucas.
  • How old are you?
    Henri tells us how old he and his family are.
  • Hurray for money!
    Lydia loves spending money!
  • I don't feel good!
    Pascal meets with Lucie who doesn't feel well at all.
  • I love Superbus!
    Sonia tells us about her favourite French band Superbus.
  • In a seaside shop
    Simon and Belinda are picking seaside souvenirs for their family.
  • In my garden
    Clara describes her garden.

A2: Lower Intermediate French listening exercises

  • A busy day - part 1
    Marc tells us about the busy day he has ahead of him!
  • A busy day - part 2
    Marc tells us about the busy day he has ahead of him!
  • A difficult return
    Elizabeth isn't looking forward to going back to work.
  • A great cleaning company
    Esther talks to Amélie about a great cleaning agency.
  • A hectic dinner!
    Caroline tells us about last night's hectic dinner!
  • A lazy morning
    Gabrielle and her boyfriend Cyril had a lazy morning.
  • A little girl's bedroom
    Louise has just redecorated her daughter's room.
  • A missed invitation
    Romain tells Sophie why he can't go to Lisa's birthday party.
  • A perfect anniversary
    Marielle had the most perfect anniversary.
  • A present for everyone!
    Henriette tells us what Christmas presents she got for her relatives.
  • A ride in a hot air balloon
    Learn more about the origin of hot air balloons and join us for a ride!
  • A stressed mum [US: mom]!
    Camille is stressing out her mother who has a lot to do today.
  • A successful birthday party!
    Florence's son had a space-themed party for his birthday!
  • A very simple Thanksgiving
    Christina's Thanksgiving has to be simpler this year, but everyone is helping!
  • A walk around town
    Marie took her English cousin Peter on a walk around the village.
  • A walk in the woods
    Sabrina went for a long walk in the snowy woods.
  • A week of chores
    Laurent had a busy week taking care of the household chores.
  • A wrong number
    Lucas called the wrong number!
  • A young first aider
    Benjamin was 13 when he saved his brothers' lives.
  • All Saints' Day in France
    Learn how French people celebrate All Saints' Day.
  • An amazing hotel!
    Margaux is delighted with the hotel she spent the weekend at.
  • Arnaud the traveller
    Charlotte tells us about her friend Arnaud who loves traveling.
  • Around the barbecue
    Stéphane and Aline have a chat around the barbecue.
  • At Music Day
    Samuel really enjoyed Music Day this year.
  • At Sarlat's tourist office
    Éric is asking for info to visit Perigord's famous medieval city.
  • At a cousin's wedding
    Last weekend, Tatiana was at her cousin Hugo's wedding.
  • At breakfast
    Lucie is grumpy this morning at the breakfast table.
  • At the Christmas market
    Stéphane goes to the Christmas market every December.
  • At the Château de Cheverny
    Laurence visited one of the most famous Loire Valley Castles.
  • At the Parc de la Tête d'or (English: "Park of the Golden Head") in Lyon
    Sabrina took her nephew to Lyon's favourite park.
  • At the circus
    Adeline went to the circus yesterday and tells us all about it!
  • At the dentist's
    Liliane is at the dentist's for a toothache.
  • At the doctor's
    Mrs Potin goes to see the doctor for a cold.
  • At the florist's
    Greg wants to buy some flowers for his Valentine.
  • At the garage
    Laura brings her car to the garage.
  • At the gift shop
    Lydia is looking for a souvenir for her niece Hayley in Paris.
  • At the restaurant
    Ophélie is ordering food at the restaurant.
  • At the swimming pool
    Muriel went to the swimming pool yesterday.
  • Bad luck at the casino
    Yvan is not very happy with his first time in a casino.
  • Becoming a ballerina
    Gaëlle always knew she'd become a ballerina.
  • Becoming an aunty!
    Aurélie has become an aunt for the first time!
  • Bickering between sisters
    Anna and Fifi are having a heated argument.
  • Billing problem
    There's been a mistake on Julie and Olivier's restaurant bill.
  • Celebrating Hanukkah
    Rachelle celebrated the first day of Hanukkah with her son Sam.
  • Chestnut trees
    In the fall, Christine loves going to the woods to pick up chestnuts.
  • Choosing your studies
    Lisa and Marc discuss what they've chosen to study at uni.
  • Christmas Eve
    Here's what Yann, 8, did on Christmas Eve.
  • Didier Drogba, my favourite football [US:soccer] player
    A father discusses his football [US:soccer] idol Didier Drogba with his daughter.
  • Dispute entre frère et sœur
    Mum [US: Mom] has to get involved in an argument between Bruno and his sister Julie.
  • Dune of Pilat
    Sabrina saw this famous sand dune for the first time this summer.

B1: Intermediate French listening exercises

  • "Pot Luck" [US: The Spanish Apartment]
    Discover the plot of the French film "Pot Luck" [US: The Spanish Apartment].
  • A December tradition
    Solène remembers what she and her mother used to do every December.
  • A call to the bank
    Philippe is calling his bank about a letter he received recently.
  • A costly project
    Martine wants to reduce her spending to buy a new car.
  • A day with Astérix
    Patricia hopes to be able to take her kids to the Parc Astérix tomorrow.
  • A delicious essay!
    Isabelle has the perfect excuse for not handing her homework in...
  • A different New Year's Eve
    Stéphane has planned quite different New Year celebrations for this year.
  • A dog paw mystery
    Lucie's little puppy Rouky seems to have hurt his paw...
  • A girls Valentine's Day
    Charlotte is spending this year's Valentine's Day with her best friends!
  • A hectic visit to the museum
    Sisters Manon and Émilie are bickering during a visit to the museum!
  • A little visitor
    A little hedgehog started visiting Inès and her family.
  • A long journey on public transport
    Hugo tells us about his 8-hour trip to France.
  • A mother's secret
    Magalie wonders how her mother is so good at embarrassing her.
  • A poem for my mother
    Here's a lovely poem by our own Aurélie to celebrate Mother's Day in flowers.
  • A present can hide another one
    Cathy has a nice surprise in stock for her mother on Mother's Day.
  • A professional's cleaning hacks
    Listen to Paul, a cleaning expert, giving tips to help you in your everyday chores.
  • A proud dad
    Geoffrey tells us about his three beloved children.
  • A spoiled weekend
    Marie's romantic weekend away gets spoiled by unforeseen bad weather.
  • A teen's bedroom
    Florence is giving her son chores to tidy up his messy room.
  • A very specific order
    Sally wants her dessert served in a very specific way.
  • A well-supplied shop
    Nathalie's shop is full of Valentine's Day goodies!
  • Advice to deal with the heatwave
    Gabriel gives us advice to deal with the heatwave.
  • Aperitifs outside
    Julien enjoys aperitifs with friends on long summer evenings.
  • At McDonald's
    Magalie and Marc order at a French McDonald's.
  • At the Cannes Festival
    Damien will enjoy the Cannes Festival in person this year.
  • At the DIY shop
    Paul asks the DIY shop assistant for some advice.
  • At the Nice Carnival
    Florence is excited to go to the Nice Carnival next winter!
  • At the haberdashery [US: sewing store]
    Sophie goes to the haberdashery [US: sewing store] to get some advice.
  • At the mechanic's
    Sylvie went to pick up her car from the garage.
  • At the mini golf
    Alicia and Thomas enjoy an afternoon of mini golf.
  • At the ophthalmologist's
    Élodie goes to the ophthalmologist for a routine eye check.
  • At the pharmacy
    Victor goes to the pharmacy.
  • At the travel agency
    Margot is asking her travel agent about visiting French-speaking countries in Africa.
  • Babysitting my niece and nephew
    Anissa babysat her niece and nephew this weekend.
  • Booking a taxi from a hotel
    Pierre is booking a taxi from his hotel reception for an early start.
  • Bye bye Beach
    Say farewell to summer with this text inspired by Brigitte Bardot's famous song "La Madrague".
  • Camping in the mountains
    Solène went camping in the French Alps with her friend Tina.
  • Checking out of the hotel
    Laëtitia is leaving her hotel.
  • Christmas shopping
    Valérie left her Christmas shopping to the last minute again!
  • Claude François, an essential singer
    Véronique and Marilyne talk about French singer Claude François.
  • Clovis, king of the Franks
    Learn about the first king of the Franks.
  • Colette's house
    Laurence enjoyed visiting the famous French writer's childhood house.
  • D-Day beaches
    Geoffrey is planning a historical trip to Normandy's D-Day beaches.
  • Daisy at the vet
    Madame Lambert takes her dog, Daisy, to the vet.
  • Dealing with going back to work after a holiday [US:vacation]
    Jean-François gives us some tips to ease going back to work.
  • Domestic squabble
    Lola and Paul are arguing over Paul's messiness.
  • Dungeons and Dragons
    Sylvain is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Easter egg hunt
    Jonathan is in charge of the family's Easter egg hunt this year.
  • FFL Tutor
    Thérèse teaches French as a Foreign Language to immigrants.
  • Finding an apartment in Orléans
    Stéphanie is looking for an apartment in Orléans.

B2: Upper Intermediate French listening exercises

  • "Arab blues"
    Discover this French-speaking comedy and its French-Tunisian director Manele Labidi.
  • 1 PM radio news
    Headlines of the 1 PM news - based on France Inter's 13h of the 24/08/21.
  • 25th December with family
    In Elsa's family, December 25 is a lazy post-Christmas day.
  • A Bridezilla's invitation
    Enjoy this entitled Bridezilla's wedding requirements!
  • A Halloween outing
    Listen to this ad for a great Halloween outing.
  • A Savoyard meal
    What Hélène likes the most on a ski holiday is the mountain restaurant!
  • A book lover
    My nephew Damien has always been a real bookworm!
  • A boy full of energy!
    Catherine explains how her lovely boy is also exhausting!
  • A crazy night out
    Sophie had a crazy night out.
  • A farm cat
    Lola is looking for her female cat Cannelle who's hiding on the family farm.
  • A good explanation...
    Florence knows that there must be an explanation as to why she hasn't heard from her date again yet.
  • A healthy diet
    Élodie decided to change her diet to feel better.
  • A long-awaited promotion
    Céline finally got promoted!
  • A love story
    Practise French expressions about love with this sweet love story.
  • A mischievous brother
    Arthur loves scaring his big sister on Hallowe'en.
  • A mother's voice mail
    Jonathan's mother left him a voice mail.
  • A new passport
    Grégory needs to renew his passport to go on holiday [US: vacation].
  • A night at the A&E [US: ER]
    Isabelle had to visit the A&E [US: ER] for a medical emergency.
  • A relaxing lovers' break
    Romain and his partner Sophie took a short break away from the kids.
  • A seasonal menu
    Daniella and her sous-chef Paul are tweaking their restaurant menu.
  • A stark difference
    Paula talks about the changes in Catherine's personality after her career change.
  • A teacher's back to school
    Teacher Alicia tells us how she prepares for going back to school.
  • A trip to Corsica
    Emmanuelle needs ideas for her upcoming visit to Corsica with her family.
  • A very proud mother
    Viviane loves her son's hand-made presents!
  • A winter evening with friends
    Jean-François and Sophie are getting ready for a fondue night.
  • A witch's recipe
    Enjoy this deliciously disgusting Hallowe'en recipe!
  • Amélie Poulain's Paris
    Léa went for a walk through the key spots made iconic by the cult movie "Amelie" (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain).
  • An afternoon of meetings
    Amandine announces the schedule for this afternoon's meetings.
  • An exceptional Valentine's Day
    A few years back, Baptiste organised an incredible outing for his Valentine Mathilde.
  • An interfering mother-in-law
    Find out why Gilles is not happy with his mother-in-law.
  • April Fool's Day in France.
    Charlène explains how we celebrate April Fool's Day in France.
  • Around the King Cake
    Geoffrey and Laura enjoy the French Epiphany tradition.
  • At the arts and crafts fair
    Olivia and Laure enjoy a visit to the arts and crafts fair.
  • At the beachfront restaurant
    Cyril and Eve try the restaurant near the hotel by the beach and decide what to eat from the menu.
  • At the butcher's
    Mrs Pervenche needs a nice joint of beef for her guests.
  • At the florist's shop
    Madame Vidal is visiting her florist to order a very special gift.
  • At the handmade pottery shop
    Pamela chats with the manager of a lovely local pottery shop.
  • At the real estate's agency
    Adrien is looking to rent an apartment in Angers.
  • Aïssa Maïga
    Miriam tells us why she loves French actress and director Aïssa Maïga.
  • Baby gift ideas
    Daniel asks Aïssa for advice to find a baby gift.
  • Becoming dads
    George talks about his and his partner's experience when they became dads.
  • Bessières' giant omelette
    Learn about the French town of Bessières's unique Easter tradition.
  • Buying my first apartment
    Fabienne is thinking about getting her first mortgage.
  • Calling a private tutor
    Joséphine is calling her private tutor to resume their English lessons.
  • Car problems
    David had a horrible time with his car yesterday!
  • Caribbean cod fish cakes recipe
    Enjoy this delicious recipe for Caribbean cod fish cakes!
  • Carpe Diem
    Julien is making the biggest leap of his life by moving to his dream country!
  • Chanel's fashion show
    Enjoy this retrospective of Chanel's 2024 spring-summer fashion show.
  • Choosing a different bank
    More "responsible" banking options for a different future.
  • Christmas in Australia
    Thibault will spend Christmas in Australia for the first time next year.

C1: Advanced French listening exercises

  • "Les Fleurs du Mal"
    Learn about French poet Baudelaire's conception of beauty and poetry.
  • A New Year's Eve in the snow
    Sylvie is remembering the New Year's Eve celebrations she spent with her kids in the Alps.
  • A bad camping trip
    Mathilde recalls the worst family camping trip she ever went on.
  • A call from home
    Student Benoît's mother calls him to catch up.
  • A car collision!
    Learn a selection of flowery French language as two drivers end up in a collision!
  • A cooperative of artisans
    Béatrice shares how her discovery of a hidden cooperative of artisans inspired her.
  • A radiant mother
    Amélie would have never thought she'd love being a mother so much!
  • A seamstress's memory
    Christine recalls visiting the haberdashery [US: fabric store] for the first time.
  • A snowbound wedding
    Carole and Fernand remember a wedding where snow was an unwelcome guest!
  • A summit meeting
    Find out how Mireille and Josiane became besties.
  • A thankful toast
    Sylvie thanks professional partners at the end of a successful project.
  • A trip to Normandy
    Valérie remembers fondly her trip to Normandy.
  • A very specific routine
    Julie has a very precise daily the minute !
  • Actor Omar Sy
    Mathilde and her friend Fleur talk about French actor Omar Sy and his series "Lupin".
  • Aerobics class
    Burn the fat with aerobics coach Daniella!
  • Amel Bent and Camélia Jordana
    Aurélie tells us about these amazing French singers of Algerian descent.
  • An (almost) perfect restaurant
    Flora and her husband had an (almost) perfect experience at the town's new restaurant.
  • An Easter catastrophe!
    Despite her best efforts to make Easter perfect, Madeleine ended up with egg on her face!
  • An especially harsh winter
    Practise your French expressions about the cold with Marianne's memories of a harsh winter.
  • An eventful picnic
    This long-awaited picnic really turned on a dime!
  • An outstanding hotel
    Looking for an amazing hotel? Hotel Charmant is the one for you!
  • An unexpected victory
    Julia thought she was winning at Scrabble against her grandma...
  • Arles's Amphitheatre
    Learn about this fascinating ruin of the Roman era.
  • At the Galeries Lafayette in Paris
    Sabine and Hélène talk about their shopping experience in Paris's famous Galeries Lafayette.
  • At the airport
    Sophie and Anne discuss what to do before getting on the plane.
  • At the fish market
    Louise remembers discovering a fish market on a sunny holiday in Brittany.
  • At the laundrette
    Laëtitia and Yvan complain about having to go to the laundrette.
  • At the ski resort
    Jérome and his girlfriend have just arrived at the ski resort and they need some equipment.
  • Aunty Suzette, the cleaning queen
    Benjamin recalls how obsessive his aunty was about cleanliness.
  • Balzac or Zola ?
    Guillaume and Clara are discussing which, of Balzac and Zola, is their favourite French author.
  • Bargain hunters
    Paul tells Mathilde about awesome bargains at the second-hand store.
  • Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix in Yamoussoukro
    Discover the largest church in the world, located in the administrative capital of Ivory Coast.
  • Boules tournament
    Léon explains to Marius why he won't make the boules tournament.
  • Breaking News!
    Follow a last-minute news report on live TV.
  • Canadian cruise
    Listen to this enticing ad for a Canadian cruise.
  • Claude Nougaro and Toulouse
    Learn about the Toulouse-born singer and his deep connection to the Pink City.
  • Cleaning job
    Monsieur Jacquard explains today's cleaning job to the cleaning team.
  • Coluche, French people's favourite
    The French comedian is still much loved in France, 30 years after his death.
  • Cultural Refugee Festival
    Anne-Claire explains the benefits of their cultural refugee festival.
  • Discovering Entraygues-sur-Truyère
    Gisèle introduces her beloved Aveyron village and its many charms.
  • Dry January
    After the holidays' excesses, why not try the "Dry January" challenge?
  • Easter Sunday meal
    Marina really enjoyed spending Easter Sunday with her family.
  • Elecric cars in France
    Learn about the evolution of the French market for electric cars between 2009 and 2020.
  • Farmhouse Inn A Pignata in Corsica
    Discover this charming location for an authentic Corsican experience.
  • Fighting hypocondria
    Nathalie talks about her struggle with hypochondria.
  • First day of school in France
    Newcomer Adam and his family experience the French "rentrée des classes" for the first time.
  • Food critic
    Sabrina and her husband were delighted by their dinner experience at Lou Pignatoun restaurant.
  • French band Téléphone
    Hugo talks about his passion for the French rock band Téléphone.
  • French director Ladj Ly and "Les Misérables".
    French director Ladj Ly on his film "Les Misérables".
  • French pastries
    Mélanie talks about her guilty pleasure: French "viennoiserie" pastries.

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