About us? It's about you...

"We believe you can learn a language faster if things are personalised to you"


Oh go on then, here's a bit about us...

We started out in 2008 with a hunch that we could create a language learning system that was smart and could adapt itself to you. It's been far from easy (we were entirely self-funded until 2015) but it's way more than just a belief now: we know and can prove that our system of test-driven learning is insanely effective, and we've discovered a whole raft of scientific studies that explain why taking regular low-stakes French tests (quizzes) is the key to helping you learn French fast. Curious about your current French proficiency? Take our level test and let Kwiziq guide your learning journey! If you want to see how it works, watch our video.

Kwiziq was founded by two people who love languages and happen to be experts at designing software as well as experienced entrepreneurs, which was kinda handy.

Dr Gareth Davies - CEO, co-founder

Simon Potter - CTO, co-founder

(Meet the rest of the team)

The word Kwiziq was inspired by "Quiz" + "IQ". In other words, it embodies the concept of a quiz-based, intelligent software learning tool.

Passionate about Languages (and Technology)

Between the two of us, we speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Indonesian. So, we have personally learned a fair bit about the hard parts of learning a new language. We know how much work it takes and that anything that can help accelerate the process is vital. That's why it's important that you learn what you need, not what some other student might need.


"Studies have shown regular, low-stakes testing improved exam results by up to 25% compared to students that did not test regularly."

- McDaniel, Mark A et al. Journal of Educational Psychology 103.2 (2011): 399.


There are lots of wonderful language learning resources available on the internet, but they tend to serve either absolute beginners or are one-size-fits-all courses that don't properly fit anyone. If you know some French already, you're expected to know where to go to carry on your learning. But how can you? It's like navigating a foreign territory with a complicated map, not even knowing where you are.

Enter Kwiziq:

Kwiziq is like Sat Nav for Your Language Learning Journey

Some people find learning languages so hard, we even go as far as describing it as being like climbing a mountain! It really needn't be though.

Kwiziq makes learning a language more like skiing on the mountain. With Sat Nav!

The French Language Learning Journey - visualised as a mountain climb.

Kwiziq learns what you know before trying to teach you anything.

Once it knows where you are, it works out a personalised French study plan for you, choosing lessons with videos and examples to help you learn what you need to.

Then you can practise with our Kwizzes (fun French tests that adapt to you each time) and (coming soon) games which help you remember what you've learned. In fact, you don't even have to read the lessons. You can just take kwizzes and play until you get it.


"Regular French tests can improve recall by more than 300% compared to other methods of learning!"


Our hunch about making testing the very centre of the learning cycle has proven more than just right. It's scientifically proven to be more effective than any other type of study.

Below is a real graph of one student's progress during her first week with us. In fact, in her first month, she went from CEFR level A0 to almost CEFR French B1, which is equivalent to about two years of studying French at school!

a student improvement timeline showing rapid improvement


We Believe Technology Should Serve People

We're not just about making a system smart enough to adapt to your needs learning French, we also set about making a technology that could help French teachers and schools.

We believe technology should empower people, not replace them.

We still think the best way to learn French is with a teacher, but technology can take away some of the pain and tedium. Most French teachers still use photocopied materials and old audio tapes, and they have to hand mark everything. We want Kwiziq to be to French teachers like tractors are to farmers: machines that do the hard or boring parts, like administration and tedious prep that often has to happen before and after teaching itself. We want to let French teachers focus on the great parts: engaging with students and getting the thrill of seeing them grasp something new, the delight of hearing them speak French, the honour of helping another human learn and grow.

Because language fundamentally is about people.

Us, You and Them

So that's what we built - and are building. If you're a student that's serious about learning French, Kwiziq's system based on personalized French tests can help you learn French faster, whether you want to study on your own or in a course.

And if you're a French teacher or school interested in state-of-the-art educational tools to make your work more effective and more rewarding, then take a look at our Features for Teachers!