Verbes réguliers avec -IR

Regular French -IR Verbs

French Verbs ending in -IR tend to conjugate in a typical pattern similar to the verb finir.
These verbs are known as "regular -IR verbs
" or sometimes "verbs of the second group".

(Note that there are certain common verbs ending in -IR that don't conjugate in this pattern, especially -OIR because that is pronounced very differently to -IR, more like "wah" versus "eer".  "Voir" for example, doesn't belong to the -ir group.)


Typical verbs that belong to this group are:

accomplir to accomplish
bâtir to build
choisir to choose
finir to finish
grandir  to grow up
grossir  to get fat
nourrir to feed
obéir to obey
punir to punish
ralentir to slow down
réfléchir  to reflect
remplir to fill
réunir  to reunite
réussir  to succeed


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