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Conjonction de subordination

French Subordinating Conjunction

See also: Conjonctions and Conjunction Types

Subordinating conjunctions (conjonctions de subordination) are words or expressions that link a main clause to a dependent clause.

For example

  • Il est évident que tu ne comprends pas. - It's obvious that you don't understand.
  • Bien que tu sois en retard, je ne suis pas fâché. - Even though you're late, I'm not angry.

Some common French subordinating conjunctions:

  • bien que - although, even though
  • depuis que - since
  • lorsque - when
  • parce que - because
  • pendant que - as, while
  • puisque - since
  • quand - when
  • que - that
  • tandis que - while, whereas

 Note that que can also be a relative pronoun and quand can also be an interrogative adverb.

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