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French Adverb

An adverb is a word that modifies (describes) a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Many French adverbs end in -ment, while their English equivalents usually end in -ly.

For example

  • Il parle rapidement - He speaks rapidly
  • Je me sens parfaitement bien - I feel perfectly well.

Adverbs that end in -ment / -ly are usually adverbs of manner: they describe how something is done. 

But there are many other types of adverbs.

  1. Adverbs of frequency (souvent - often, rarement - rarely)
  2. Adverbs of place (ici - here, partout - everywhere)
  3. Adverbs of quantity (beaucoup - a lot, trop - too much)
  4. Adverbs of time (hier - yesterday, maintenant - now)
  5. Comparative adverbs (plus - more, moins - less)
  6. Interrogative adverbs (quand - when, pourquoi - why)
  7. Negative adverbs (ne ... pas - not, ne ... jamais - never)
  8. Superlative adverbs (le plus - the most, le moins - the least)
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