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Ideas and resources to practice listening to French

Listening to FrenchIf you don't live in a French-speaking country, it can be difficult to find ways to listen to real French conversations and reports. But there are various tools - including many free ones - available for French listening practice, including online exercises, podcasts, and radio:

Kwiziq French dictées Kwiziq star - Listen to snippets of French and transcribe what you hear in these self-corrected exercises

Kwiziq French articles Kwiziq star - The vast majority of our Bilingual Reader articles include audio or video

Audio books - Free French audio books

French Music - Why and how to learn French with music

French Radio - Listening to the news and talk shows provides exposure to French as it's really (and quickly!) spoken.

French TV - Good channels and great shows

Native French Speech - Podcasts about everyday life, current events, culture, and tourism

News in Slow French - Weekly French news reports specially recorded for French learners

One Thing in a French Day - Thrice-weekly sound files about a French woman and her family

Podcast Radio France - Free app for listening to Radio France podcasts

Podcasts d'Europe 1 - French culture, economics, news, humor, and politics

Radio Canada Baladodiffusion - Canadian culture, politics, society, health, and science

Radio France Culture Podcasts - Programs ranging from fiction to cities of the world

Even if you're a beginner, it can be helpful to listen to French to help train your ear.

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Beyond listening

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The four basic language skills

  1. Listening to French
  2. Reading in French
  3. Speaking French
  4. Writing in French


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