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Verbes réguliers avec -ER

Regular French -ER verbs

French Verbs ending in -er tend to conjugate in a typical pattern. These verbs are known as "regular -er verbs" or sometimes "verbs of the first group".

Note that some -er verbs are semi-regular, such as -cer, -ger, -ayer, -oyer, -uyer, -ter and -ler : their spelling will change slightly, often for pronunciation reasons, but their endings are the same as regular -er verbs.

The only irregular -er verb is ALLER: its conjugation is often (except for L'Imparfait!) completely different.


Typical verbs that belong to this group are:

aimer to like/love
donner to give
écouter to listen to
emprunter to borrow
étudier to study
fermer to close
goûter to taste
laver to wash
marcher to walk
rester to stay
sauter to jump
prêter to lend
parler to talk
travailler to work
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