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Simple Present

aka Present Indicative

The English simple present tense is the most common way of expressing present time, such as

  • facts
  • actions taking place once, never or several times
  • actions taking place one after another
  • actions set by a timetable or schedule (i.e. habits, routine)

The following words typically signal the use of the simple present:

  • always
  • every...
  • if
  • never
  • normally
  • often
  • seldom
  • sometimes
  • usually

For example

  • Affirmative
    • I seldom walk.
    • He often walks.
  • Negative
    • We don't usually walk.
    • She doesn't walk either.
  • Interrogative
    • Do you ever walk?
    • Does she walk sometimes?

The Simple Present can also express future time. For example:

  • The train leaves at 2 o'clock.
  • It is my birthday on Sunday.
  • If I hear any news, I'll let you know.
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