List of verbs followed by the preposition à and an infinitive in French - 4

Useful list of French verbs + à + [infinitive]

French vocabulary

Aider à [faire] To help to [do]
Apprendre à [faire] To learn to [do] / to teach to [do]
Avoir à [faire] To have to [do]
Chercher à [faire] To seek to [do]
Commencer à [faire] To start [doing]
Continuer à [faire] To continue [doing]
Encourager à [faire] To encourage [to do]
Enseigner à [faire] To teach to [do]
Hésiter à [faire] To hesitate to [do]
Inviter à [faire] To invite to [do]
Obliger à [faire] To force to [do]
penser à [faire] to think of [doing]
S'amuser à [faire] To have fun [doing]
S'attendre à [faire] To expect to [do]
Se préparer à [faire] To prepare oneself to [do]
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