List of verbs followed by the preposition de and an infinitive in French - 2

Useful list of French verbs + de + [infinitive]

French vocabulary

Accepter de [faire] To agree [to do]
Arrêter de [faire] To stop [doing]
Choisir de [faire] To choose [to do]
Commencer de [faire] To start [doing]
Continuer de [faire] To carry on [doing]
Décider de [faire] to decide to [do]
Dire de [faire] To tell to [do]
Essayer de [faire] To try to [do]
faire exprès de [faire] To do [something] on purpose
Finir de [faire] To finish [doing]
Oublier de [faire] To forget [to do]
Refuser de [faire] To refuse [to do]
Rêver de [faire] To dream of [doing]
Se dépêcher de [faire] To hurry [to do]
S'excuser de [faire] To apologise for [doing]
Suggérer de [faire] to suggest [doing]
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