Justice vocabulary in French

A useful French vocabulary list related to the judiciary

French vocabulary

la justice justice
le Droit Law (discipline)
porter plainte to report (a crime)
un tribunal a tribunal
un procès a trial
une loi a law
un avocat a lawyer (m)
une avocate a lawyer (f)
défendre to defend
accuser to accuse
un/une juge a judge
un jury a jury
un juré a member of the jury (m)
une jurée a member of the jury (f)
juger to judge
un témoin a witness
témoigner to testify / to bear witness
un témoignage a testimony
poursuivre quelqu'un en justice to sue someone
un verdict a verdict
juste fair
injuste unfair
condamner to sentence
coupable guilty
acquitter to acquit
non coupable not guilty
faire appel to appeal
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