French Grammar Demystified

Jargon Busters and Sentence Anatomies

You're not alone if you freak out at the first mention of articles, prepositions or even nouns!

Many people find grammar jargon very off-putting, but it's not as hard to get to grips with as it might first seem, and once you get over hating it, it gets pretty interesting - really! More importantly, as you progress, understanding grammar can significantly enhance the speed at which you learn. It's not essential to learning, but it really helps.

As with learning anything, only learn what you need to know. If you get too complicated too quickly, you'll be even more confused.

In these pages, we've started to break down essential French grammar jargon by level, so when you take your first French level test with us, you'll know exactly which terms are going to be most useful to you.

I'll be right with you...