French Writing Challenges

Test your French writing skills with self-scoring exercises

Put your French to the test with our awesome weekly Writing Challenges, one for each CEFR level. Here's how they work.

You'll be presented with a text broken into individual phrases.

French writing challenge

Translate and click submit, then Kwizbot will offer corrections and one or more translations that you can compare to your own. Choose a score for your translation and click submit to go on to the next question.

French translation

At the end, you'll see your total score, a link to a studylist of the grammar used throughout the challenge, and a "play" link so that you can listen to the full text.

French writing challenges

We send a set of 5 writing challenges, one for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1) every Friday to Premium subscribers. Don't miss the next one - upgrade now!